What Love Can Do…

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

Love befriends the lonely.

Love leaves the 99 to find 1 who is lost.

Love brings light to the darkness.

Love can heal a broken heart.

Love serves those in need.

Love forgives when it is unjustified.

Love cares for those hurt or sick.

Love gives with joy and no regrets.

Love makes sacrifices for another.

Love goes the extra mile to help.

Love can cheer up those who are discouraged.

Love can reconcile a relationship.

Love can overlook a mistake.

Love sees the good, despite the flaws.

Love can bring comfort with or without words.

Love shares the burdens carried.

Love can wait until the time is right.

Love protects and honors one another.

Love can show patience and consideration.

Love can pray when hope is gone.

Love can let us rise after we fall.

This list is just a subset of what love can do. Our Big God made us in His image. We were made to love like He does. Put love into action. Go out and show the world what love can do!

Breaking ThrouGH

Is something holding you back from where or who you want to be?

Are you surrounded by darkness making it hard for you to shine your light?

Is a loss or death smothering the new growth planted within you?

Are obstacles and walls blocking energy and resisting your efforts to move ahead?

We all have things that come against us, both big and small.

new growth…

God is calling each of us to break through.

God has a vision for our life on the other side, at His side.

Whatever it is that gets in your way, it separates us from God.

At God’s side there is power, freedom, joy and peace.

He loves us and helps us as we attempt to break through.

With prayer and perserverance, we can do it!

We just need to keep trying.

God is patiently waiting on the other side with arms wide open.

BREAK THROUGH!*************************************************************************

                                                              Hold On

Are you facing challenges in life?  Is it something big or a number of little things that are dragging you down?  Do you get through one struggle and another one comes your way?  It can get exhausting.

The world pulls at us, zapping our energy and stealing our peace.  Satan’s armies come after us, trying to break the connection we have to God.  They are eager to catch us when we are weak.  Those evil forces fight even harder to separate us from God when they see they are losing the war for our souls. 

Hold on!  Hold on to hope!  Hold on to God’s promises!

Be confident in your faith and trust that when you hold on to God, you can be sure He’ll be right there holding on to you.  It can feel like you’ve waited and prayed for a long time, but don’t give up.

Hold on!  Hold on to the power of love over all else.  Hold on to your vision for a bright future!

The dream may be just a little ways off.  You’ll never know unless you keep holding on.  Don’t get stuck holding on to past hurts and disappointments.  That isn’t where we should stay and it isn’t what God wants for us. Forgiveness and love takes us to a better place.  Even in the worst of times, when death takes away a life, we can hold on to our memories and to the knowledge that with God, we are everlasting.  We can hold on since we know we will see our loved ones again one day.

Take time to rest and recharge.  Get around people who are strong in their relationship with God, letting them encourage you to strengthen your hold.  Listen to and read words that will empower your spirit and keep you lifted up despite your circumstances.  Find a quiet spot, be still and hold on to hear your Father’s voice. He will be there saying…”Hold on, I love you, I’ve got this!”