It seems everywhere we turn there are people struggling. Perhaps a family member or friend is facing a health challenge. Or you hear about an accident or a natural disaster impacting strangers or those you know. Addiction, depression, grief, troubled relationships and hurts cause our souls to ache. Maybe it is you who is going through a tough time. Our hearts get heavy and you want to help or make the difficulty go away. The situation may not be fixable; it may be outside of anyone’s control. But there is always an action to take that is powerful and purposeful: PRAY!

Your prayer may be for a healing miracle or for peace and knowledge that God is holding the hand of each person involved. The prayer could be one of thankfulness for God granting strength and understanding to you. God’s Word has guided us that there are many ways to pray, there is no wrong way, and we can pray without ceasing. We can do it wherever and whenever we want. I’ve heard some people say that their problems are theirs to deal with, that God has more important things to do than to listen to their complaints and concerns. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The wonderful truth is that our God is infinite, omnipotent and omnipresent—His ability to pay attention to each and every one of us is never depleted.

God is asking for our action and thoughts and often we find what He wants us to do is in opposition to our instincts. Prayers for ourselves yield more power if they come from an attitude of humble submission, releasing control and surrendering it all to God. When praying for others, God wants us to be warriors. We need to have confidence to ask God to do big things for the benefit of aching souls. We can pray with thankfulness and tell God we trust Him. When we don’t know what to say, there is a song that says “Just say Jesus”. That is the amazing power of prayer and God, we don’t really have to say anything, just fix our thoughts on Him and He knows the reasons our souls ache. He knows the outcomes. He has invited us to enter His peace and put our souls into His care. We can know that no matter what happens, we can have hope, confidence and anticipation that when our earthly journeys end, we will make it to Heaven. We can pray with thankfulness for that.

Get your ‘to do’ list ready—PRAY TODAY! Aching souls are in need of your action. God Bless!

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