God is co-writing the stories of our lives.  We’ll each have chapters with highs and some with lows.  Through it all, God is with us.  Realizing this has made me all the more interested in hearing people tell about what God has done for them.  I have read many books based on real life experiences where God’s direct presence was critical in how the story unfolded and how it was experienced.  With Mother’s Day near, the stories of four different moms have come to mind.  Each of the moms published books in 2017.  The moms’ passion for their children and for their God shouts from the pages as they retell their personal ups and downs, giving inspiring testimonies to lift others.

Two moms have stories where God brought their sons back from the very edge of death. The power of prayer is illustrated.  Plus, it is amazing how God puts people in just the right places, at just the proper time, to act out His miraculous plans. 

Finding Hope on Vegas: a memoir by Michelle Davis (BookBound Media, LLC, 2017)

Vegas is a bull.  Michelle’s son is involved in a horrible accident on Vegas.  The family finds themselves completely dependent on Divine Providence.  They prayed for God to intervene to keep Nathan alive.  Along the way, they found strength to handle more than they could have imagined.

The Impossible: The Miraculous Story of a Mother’s Faith and Her Child’s Resurrection by Joyce Smith with Ginger Kolbaba (New York:  Faith Words Hachette Book Group, 2017)

Joyce’s son John fell through the ice into a Missouri lake. John was under water for more than 20 minutes.  He died.  But prayer really does work.  God heard the prayers and the unshakeable hope, and John’s health was restored.  Nothing is impossible with God.  Joyce’s story is in movie theaters now, titled Breakthrough.

Two moms tell their stories about giving birth to a child with special needs.  Their precious babies were born with very serious medical conditions.  Both women grow in the midst of the tragic circumstances.  They learn to fully trust God and hold on to His promises, finding great love and joy thanks to having a very special child in their family.

Through the Eyes of Hope:  Love More, Worry Less, and See God in the Midst of Your Adversity by Lacey Buchanan with Bethany Jett (Lake Mary, Florida:  Charisma House, 2017)

Lacey’s son Christian was born with a rare case of Tessier cleft palate which caused facial deformities.  Christian was blind because his eyes were not developed.  Lacey is real with her emotions.  She is hurt by the callous things some people say about her little boy, but she channels that energy into being a powerful advocate for her son and her family.  She lets us see the amazing way God has made their situation beautiful and inspirational.

For the Love of Benny:  A Family Journey Wrapped Around the Delicate Fingers of Their Special Needs Child by Marietta Troyer (Lisbon, Ohio:  The Herald, Inc. 2017)

Marietta and her husband Maynard’s special Benny Boy joined the family with his four sisters growing up in the Amish countryside.  The baby had heart problems, breathing problems, feeding problems and more.  There was the need for many hospital visits and plenty of medical equipment and procedures to get used to.  The family goes from broken hearts to being overwhelmed by Benny’s powerful, unconditional love and his contagious laughter. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to hear the heartfelt, soul stories from these moms.  I am also grateful for all the wonderful moms in my life.  My own mother’s generous heart and love shows through and through.  I am blessed to have known many loving grandmothers, aunts, in-laws, and friends.

Thank God for moms!

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