The pregnancy starts, life has been conceived with up to nine months of nurturing the precious little one as it grows in the womb.  God has breathed life into His uniquely special creation.  There is excitement and anticipation mixed with anxiety, aches and pains.  The time of birth approaches, the end of being pregnant.  This is the awaited moment, to see and hold the infant child.  The end is just the beginning.

School days, classes, studying and exams, getting an education is hard work.  It will take years to complete and along the way there are decisions to be made.  Time is needed to determine where strengths lie, to figure out the direction to take to chart the future.  God has bestowed gifts to everyone, it is important to discover these gifts and to ensure they are put into use.  The work pays off, finally graduation day is reached.  The end is just the beginning.

An awkward introduction, a chance meeting, or a long-time friendship becomes something more.  A relationship gets serious.  God plays the role as the match maker, aligning lives to intersect.  Two individuals begin to form a bond of love.  Goals and dreams are formed.  Maybe the two are on track for marriage and a life lived together.  The planning, the rings, the clothes, food and flowers and more details occupy their minds.  The wedding day arrives and ends with a legal document to say it is official, the couple is in this together.  They made it to the alter to tie the knot.  The end is just the beginning.

The day of death comes by surprise or slowly but surely, as the physical body can no longer hang on.  Breathing becomes shallow and ineffective.  The heartbeat grows weak.  The light in the person’s eyes and the strength in their voice begins to fade or are lost.  Those that are close to one another feel their hearts breaking as they will be pulled apart.  It hurts to lose our loved ones.  Will their souls live on without their bodies?  God has told us that He has conquered death, and we will live eternally with Him in mansions built in Heaven.  He has prepared a place for us where there is no suffering and pain.  We can be certain that God keeps His promises.  On Earth, we must say “goodbye” as loved ones pass on.  They will be welcomed into God’s Kingdom with open arms by Jesus and by those who have gone ahead.  The end is just the beginning.

Trust that it is not over, even when it seems over.  God knows the end from the beginning.  God is with us from start to finish and on into the next thing.  Like a circle, there is not a point where we stop.  He has plans for us and whenever we reach an ending, we can know that God will provide a new beginning.  Stay close to God through it all and be amazed at what His love does, to infinity and beyond.  The end is just the beginning.

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