Weeds are a tough lot.  We pull them out but often their deep roots keep them grounded so that they can spring back up.  We chop them down, but sometimes this just encourages new, vigorous growth.  We smother them, we stomp on them, we poison them and still they keep on thriving and growing.  When there is barren land, the weeds come in and do the job of holding the soil in place to prevent erosion.  And weeds spread.  They know a thing or two about being fruitful and multiplying.  The weeds help improve the quality of the soil and provide an excellent environment for insects and microorganisms.  Think of the excellent role some weeds play for the beautiful butterflies.  Many weeds have blooms, bringing color and sweet smells and seeds, serving as food for birds and bees.  God knew that the Earth needed weeds to fulfill His purpose.

It just might be that we could learn a few things from the weeds.

  • Stay grounded and rooted to solid values, maintaining a firm foundation on God’s promises
  • When challenges and obstacles come your way, look for ways to experience growth and new opportunities.
  • If we’ve been hurt, and people and things are coming against us, rise above it, don’t let that keep you down, overcome the adversity and thrive despite the difficulties.
  • If you are in a barren place, bring life to it.  Spread your passion.  Prevent further erosion.  Bring color and sweetness to the emptiness.
  • Nourish those around you.  Build up the quality of the environment.  Be fruitful and multiply love, peace and mercy to expand the Kingdom of God.
  • Bloom. Show the beauty that comes from the spirit within.  You never know how much it could benefit those around you.

God knows the purpose He has in mind for you.  You may not be a sought after flower in the garden.  You may not be pampered and protected here on Earth.  But it’s OK to be a weed.  Be amazingly resilient.  Be tough and grow even when things are stacked against you.  …If God be for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)

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