Our world – in a mess,

Civilizations acting uncivilized,

Super rich, living in excess,

Extreme poverty, with people living on the edge,

Brutality and abusive behaviors occurring,

Some dismissing the value of young innocent lives,

Spreading disease forcing people to be separated from their communities,

Battle lines are drawn, with fighting between politicians and leaders,

Natural disasters wreaking havoc on cities and in the countryside,

People feeling hopeless and depressed,

No one is in direct control of their circumstances,

Humanity is overwhelmed by what is happening.

This is the world that Jesus was born into. Or is it 2020?

Back then, Jesus came as a babe to grow and teach us all a better way of living. He came to us weak and unprotected. He came, not to create a religion, but to demonstrate love and compassion.

He left us with the Holy Spirit and our sins forgiven. He left us with the keys to God’s Kingdom and the path to life everlasting with Him.

When Jesus returns, He will come showing His power and authority over all. He will return quickly and His reward will be with Him.[1] He will return when least expected and will reward the servants who are ready.[2]

Are we going to be ready for the end? What are we all waiting for?  God is alive today.  No one needs to wait until the return of Jesus in the flesh in order to experience a new life.  He is here with us, everywhere.  God has invited us to come to Him and if we only ask, He will come into our lives.  Let anyone come who desires to drink freely from the water of life.[3]  We plead with you, encourage you, and urge you to live your lives in a way that God would consider worthy.  For He calls you to share in His Kingdom and Glory.[4]

In the past, present or future, we are told we must be ready.  It could be your individual life which can end unexpectedly, or an end may come at a more global level.  Be ready at all times.  God has given us time to bear good fruit.  We may be given more chances, but why wait another moment?  Be ready in case the end is now.  Give your life over to God today.  Live with love and kindness.  Show compassion to your neighbors, your family, friends and those who treat you as their enemy.  That way, when it is the end, we will be ready, ready to celebrate and relocate to our true home, eternally with God.

[1] Based on Revelations 22:12

[2] Based on Luke 12:38-40

[3] Revelations 22:17

[4] Based on 1 Thessalonians 2:12

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