Do you, like me, go through your days,
In a little bit of a drowsy haze?
Nothing much seems fresh and new,
We follow routines, doing the jobs that are ours to do.
Sleep, eat, repeat.
We see each day just rolling past,
Often thinking they pass too fast,
And whine that those weekends just don’t last.
Too sleepy, yet too much to do.
It is quite hard to feel enthused.
Maybe in these winter months,
We tend to hibernate a bit too much.
But our days are numbered, are they not?
Don’t we want the most from the ones we’ve got?

Let’s all wake up!
Each day is a new opportunity,
To listen, act, learn and see.
Can’t you feel it, that God is on the move?
It is up to us to get into the groove.
If in his plan, we play a part,
We must be alert to know where to start.
To God’s voice, let’s tune an ear,
There are daily messages we need to hear.
Words of comfort, caution and inspiration,
Giving us strength to avoid temptation.
Lessons to be taught.
Righteous battles to be fought.
Help to be giving.
A life that’s worth living.
These are the kind of moments we’d chose,
Knowing with God, we can never lose.
Stay awake to see the miracles God might do.
He can even make a miracle of you.
We will learn something new each day,
If we are open to be transformed God’s way.

Let’s all wake up!
Each day we have is a God-given gift,
Let’s rise and see who could use a lift.
By doing something big or small, imagine the difference we can make,
When we give God our time and act in His name’s sake.

Be excited! Be amazed!
God is great!  He is praised!

Dear God-Thank you for waking us up to do Your will,
And for our empty spaces, with Your goodness, You fill.
Thank you for fresh mercies each day,
And that Your love for us is here to stay.

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