Infinite:  limitless or endless in space, extent of size, impossible to measure or calculate.

(According to The Oxford Dictionary)

Have you ever really thought about that word—infinite?  Whatever it describes means there is always enough, never ending, never depleting.  Like numbers, you can count forever and ever, always able to continue adding more to the sum total. 

Think about if each of us had infinite resources.  No one would go hungry, no one would be homeless.  Even if only one person had infinite resources, that person could give and give to help anyone who was lacking and still always have enough for themselves and for one more person in need.

The world is big, with billions of people, but it is not infinite.  The total population is measurable.  A Google search says there are 7.53 Billion people in the world based on a 2017 measurement.  There are 327.2 million people in the U.S. based on a 2018 estimate.  Infinite resources would always be enough for each and every one of us on the planet.

In the physical world, an infinite amount of anything cannot be realized. 

Luckily though, our God is infinite—without limits!  Think about that!  God helps one person, than the next and the next, never restricted from being able to help many more.  Sometimes people avoid bringing their troubles to God.  They think, “My troubles are small compared to those of others.  God has bigger things to do instead of helping me.”  That’s where their thinking is wrong.  Our infinite God always has enough for all people, for all worries big or small, God doesn’t run out of solutions.  God doesn’t operate in a realm of time the way we do.  God has infinite power over the flow of time.  Therefore, there is always time for listening to each one of us.  God will not run out of resources, never depleting the storehouses, rather controlling physical things. 

There are several events recorded in Biblical times when physical supplies are multiplied to meet the needs of the people.  Elijah asks a widow to use her meager amounts of ingredients to cook her last loaf of bread, but when she does, she finds she still has enough to make more.  She is told there will be enough until such time that the famine in the area has ended (1 Kings 17: 9-16).  Elisha tells a widow to gather empty jars.  She pours from her container of olive oil and she is able to fill jar after jar, the oil runs out when she runs out of jars.  She is now able to sell the oil and earn money to pay the creditors back who wanted to take her sons away as slaves in payment for her debts (2 Kings 4: 1-7).  There is the time remembered and celebrated by Hanukkah when the lamp oil lasted eight days when it should have only been enough to last for one day.  There was enough to fill the need.  Or the time when Jesus broke 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish and had enough to fill the bellies of five thousand hungry people with 12 baskets left over (John 6: 1-15).  They ended with more than they started with.  In Luke 6:38 the advice is to “Give and you will receive.”  The gifts we give will be returned to us in full measure, overflowing, with the amount we give determining what we get back. 

Let’s give praise and thanks that with God there is always enough to sustain us in our time of need. Through God’s infinite power, He is able.  Let’s also remember that when we give, God sees our generous hearts and will be gracious to reward us with peace, love and just what He knows we need.  The infinite supply from which God draws from will never run low.  Whenever we have gaps, God can fill us up.  With God, there is always enough.  Amen to that!

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