March 2020:  The information is coming at us every day about how to slow or prevent the spread of the virus that is causing a world-wide pandemic.  Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds; do it often.  Sanitize hard surfaces and touch points frequently.  Do not gather in groups; maintain social distance of 6 feet or more.  Stay at home to avoid public places.  We are at war with an enemy too small to be seen.  No one knows where this attacker may be hiding.  Who might be carrying this virus, allowing it to multiply and expand its impacts, place to place, person to person?  Our global situation is quite a significant reminder of how vulnerable we are as physical beings. 

When we put all our trust in science, nature, medicine and the civilizations we have built, our foundations can be shaken in times like these.  Our weekly routines and habits give us a sense of stability and comfort, but now those things our lives revolve around have become uncertain.  If most of our days are spent well connected within our social circles, what happens when we are told to keep our distance?  Do we feel lost and lonely?  We don’t have to feel this way.  God gave us a powerful spirit which lives inside each of us; with that spirit, we are never alone.  God gave us a piece of Himself so that we can always have Him close by no matter where we are or what we are going through.  Do you have that spiritual connection with God that remains strong when everything is falling apart around you?  Does your faith and trust in God outshine your fear and worry in dark times?  God wants to be invited into our lives whether things are going well or going bad. He wants to be spiritually close to us no matter what.  God has taught that the spiritual overrides and outlasts the physical.  Believe this to be true at a time when a nearly invisible threat is wreaking havoc on our world.  Keeping spiritually close will allow us to persevere and give us hope.    

The best way to “power up” our spirit is through prayer.  Prayer is the process that opens the door to a close spiritual relationship with God.  Talk to God often and listen for His voice.  The time spent in prayer results in God’s consul, comfort, strength, peace, power, inspiration, hope, love, rest, courage and more.  God is listening to our prayers and He doesn’t stand back watching and waiting when the situation calls for action.  God is an active force working on your behalf.  Prayer is an important and effective weapon for any battle.  It strengthens us to face the challenges of the day.  As you pray, trust that God will provide you with what you need to get through the tough times.  God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1).  

If you are struggling with worries and anxiety, and it is hard to find the words to pray, now is a great time to tune into Christian music.  There are songs and lyrics for every mood and every problem.  Today I heard Jason Gray’s song “Remind Me You’re Here”.  The lyrics ask some tough questions of God…

”Are you cruel if You planned it, Or weak if You allowed it to be?”  

Then says “I won’t ask You for the reasons

‘Cause a reason can’t wipe away tears,

No, I don’t need all the answers

Just be here beside me

Father, remind me that You’re here.

I also listened to Love & the Outcome’s song…”Even today, You got this, I know that I know that I know that You got this.”  With all that our world is going through, God’s got this.  He can bring good things out of bad.  Stay spiritually close and trust God to see you and yours through these unprecedented times.

God Bless!

Take Care & Be Safe!

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