Do you have big dreams, something you wish for or fantasize about? It might be a practical dream like finding a new house that is within your budget and in a school system that will be good for your kids. Or going to college or through a training program to prepare for a rewarding career. Maybe your dream is more fanciful, like winning the lottery or becoming a famous movie star. Perhaps your dream is to fall in love with the right person, someone you can share your life with. Or maybe you dream about becoming a parent and all that comes with it. Your dream might not even be for you, rather for your child or for a friend.

Some dreams are really more like goals. You determine the tasks that need to be done to move you from where you are today, to where you want to be. The dream is in your control. You have all it takes to make it into a reality. You go for it!

Other dreams are left in your head, a fun thought to consider. You have no control over the outcome and you don’t expect the circumstances to take shape for these dreams to come true. It’s nothing but a pipe dream, a daydream that will never come to fruition.

There might be a dream that is deep in your heart. Something that is so big it requires the fates to align, for you to get a big break or for you to make the perfect connection. It needs the right timing, a golden opportunity with the proper support, resources and passion to move it forward. You don’t see how it could happen, but seeing this dream come true would be phenomenal. That is a God-sized dream! You cannot do it on your own, yet if this dream is what God has in mind for you, God can make things happen—amazing things! God put that dream into you. Have faith that God can make that big hope into reality.

God can open doors for you. God can propel you ahead, quickly. God can give provisions. There may be obstacles that block you, but God can make a way where there is no way. God-sized dreams are God-given, He put that dream in your heart. Now have faith, thankfulness and confidence that God will see you through, making those big dreams come true.

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