With the upcoming holiday season, I am thinking about what was and will never be again.  The loved ones that created many of my memories of Christmas have passed away.  I miss their voices, their smiles, their hugs. Traditions that marked this special time of year have had to change.  There are holes that make my heart ache, those spots once filled by vibrant, loving lives.  I feel an emptiness, a longing to have back what has been lost.  But things don’t stay the same. Life is not static and it is not behind me.  

Then I remember Christmas, the REAL Christmas. The reason Jesus came into the world was to give a path to eternal life.  Through His birth, life, death and resurrection, Jesus acted on His love for mankind.  He made a way for us to be reborn in Him, to believe and to live even after dying.  My loved ones knew this and I can be assured that they are alive and well in God’s Kingdom of Heaven.  Those empty places I had are refilled with love and gratefulness.  The magic of Christmas is so much bigger than traditions, presents, lights, food and celebrations.  The magic of Christmas is in Christ Jesus.  By fixing my thoughts on Him at Christmastime and always, I have joy, peace and love everlasting.  There is nothing better to remember than this.

Amen 🙏 

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