The girl cannot understand why the kid at school made fun of her and told lies about her.  Why are some people so mean and hateful?  Now she doesn’t know who to trust.  She wonders if it is really worth it to risk getting hurt again.  Who cares?  Jesus does!

Jesus sees what has happened.  He knows the truth.  He has our back.  With Jesus, what is right and just will ultimately prevail.


The man is sick. He has seen a couple doctors.  They are scheduling tests to find out what might be wrong.  He knows many people are going through worse trouble with their health, but he cannot help but be anxious and worried about himself.  Who cares?  Jesus does!

​Jesus, miracle worker, He can bring peace in our storms. He can bring about healing by connecting us with the right professionals, medicines and procedures.  Or Jesus can restore health even when modern science says it isn’t possible.


The boy is so lonely.  With hundreds of other kids in his school and billions of people living on earth, why is it so hard for him to find friends?  He would love to have someone to talk to.  Instead, he spends too much time isolated, questioning his own self-worth.  Who cares?  Jesus does!

​Jesus is a friend that will always be there.  In the dark of night or in the light of day, Jesus is there listening.  He is longing to talk to us and to be our very best friend forever.


The woman knows that it was mostly her fault that her life has become such a mess.  She is ashamed of the bad decisions and actions that created all the trouble and chaos.  Was it too late for her to change things?  It would be hard to make the right choices to make her life better.  Could she even do it if she tried?  Was her life even worth fixing?  Who cares?  Jesus does!

​Jesus forgives our past mistakes.  Through His actions, He has washed us clean.  He can give us a new life, where He lights the way to our bright future.


No matter who we are and what situations we find ourselves in, Jesus cares.  He loves each of us more than we can fathom.  He comforts us and never leaves our side.  He has saved us and fills the voids in our soul, bringing us forward toward everlasting life with Him.

***Thank You Jesus! ***

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